On the Issues

I believe that Black lives matter, that predatory policing exacerbates the inequities in our society, and that we cannot have public safety without police accountability. This is why I will always fight to make sure that we have transparency in police discipline and work to end the use of coaching as a tool to hide problem officers. I will work to make sure we have a Brady list and a police contract that works for the residents of Minneapolis.

I believe that the increase in crime is unacceptable, that it disproportionately impacts communities of color and that we should never have to choose between public safety and police accountability. This is why I will always work to make sure we have an adequate number of police officers, that they are properly trained and that they reflect the community they serve. I will fight to make sure we invest in proven methods that reduce crime, including increasing funding for programs that serve at-risk youths.

Tenants should not have to live in unsafe living conditions because of property owners who have failed to meet their obligations. The city of Minneapolis must levy fines that are commensurate with the violations at these properties. When our City fails to take meaningful action to address the unresolved violations, it sends the message that residents who live there are not worthy of safe living conditions. I will support increased fines and robust enforcement of our city’s housing codes.